Causal Inference (MAD)

Kurs-Nr.: 080396 | Zeit: Mo 10-12 | Raum: FNO 02/74 | Semester: SoSe 2016



Participants should have a good understanding of descriptive and inferential statistics and some
working knowledge of regression analysis. Please note that the course is taught in English.

The course will enable participants to think more clearly about causal relationships and ways to approach these using specific quantitative methods. We will start by discussing the concept of causality as it is commonly understood in the social sciences. We then introduce the potential outcomes framework and graphical representations auf causal relationships. These models are the benchmark against which standard regression models and matching estimators will be evaluated. Throughout the course we will work with the statistical software Stata.

“Modulprüfung”: 1. active participation, 2. online tests and 3. written summary and presentation of an academic paper applying matching methods.
“Studiennachweis”: 1. active participation and 2. online tests


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